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Mayen basaltic lava

A long-standing and modern natural stone

Mayen basaltic lava is an approx. 200,000 year old volcanic rock, which was formed by the cooling of the magma of the Bellerberg volcano. Due to its typical porosity, Mayen basaltic lava was already discovered and used as an ideal material for the production of millstones and rubbing stones from 6,000 - 5,000 B.C.

Today, thanks to its excellent structural-physical characteristics, basaltic lava is used as a material for cladding, stairs and flooring, wall copings and other structural elements. It is also suitable for the implementation of artistic stone cutter and sculptor work. Mayen basaltic lava also plays an important role in gardening and landscaping, the making of gravestones and as a frost protection material in underground engineering.

Frost/de-icing salt resistance as well as a high level of non-slip safety and wear resistance are only a few of the excellent characteristics of this natural stone. The structure and colour shades of basaltic lava, depending on the surface treatment from dark grey to light grey, offer architects a first-class contrast material to other building materials.

In addition to being able to select from solely high quality raw material, our own basaltic lava quarries also allow us to have large delivery quantities available on short notice.

Technical specifications

The following technical specifications of Mayen basaltic lava are merely reference values and are therefore not guaranteed.

Gross density: 2.3 g / cm³
Porosity: 15-25 vol.-%
Pressure resistance: 65 N / mm²
Bending tensile strength: 12.4 N / mm²
Wear resistance: 12 cm³ for a 50 cm² surface area
Breaking load at dowel hole: 3.497 N (for 3 cm thickness)
Absorption of water: 8 vol.-%
Thermal expansion: 0.009 mm / mK
Elasticity module: 58,000 - 103,000 N / mm²
Frost/de-icing salt resistance: yes
Non-slip safety class: R13 (diamond ground 60)

Certification reports

Current certification reports are available to download here in PDF format. You need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open PDF files.